Saturday June 18th, 2016 Partner WOD


Saturday June 18th, 2016 Partner WOD

9 & 10am Partner WOD

With a Partner and splitting reps evenly do:

FT: Plate Bicep Curls, Downhill Skis, Kettlebell Front Raises and 8 more

For time: 

14-13-12-11 of:

 Plate Bicep Curls, 45/25 lbs  

Downhill Skis, 45/25 lbs  

Front Raises, 45/25 lbs 

Standing Wood Choppers, 45/25 lbs 

 Alternating Stationary Lunges With Plate Overhead, 45/25 lbs 

Plate Around The Worlds, 45/25 lbs 

 Bent Over Rows, 45/25 lbs 

Plate Twists, 45/25 lbs 

High Knees w/plate overhead, 45/25 lbs 

Push Press (Bumper Plate), 45/25 lbs 

1 Run, 400 m (both run)

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