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South Wake Wrestling Club

Registration for the Upcoming 2019-2020 Season Goes Live on September 15th, 2019

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Kids and Competition...And Wrestling...

For those families new to the sport of wrestling you are about to embark on a priceless journey of watching your children learn lessons that most adults have yet to learn. These lessons will help give them an edge in all competitive situations they will face throughout their life. From the thrills of victory to the agony of defeat, through the sweat and tears they will learn to build and rebuild their self-confidence and self-esteem. In youth wrestling there is no bench or sideline and every child gets an equal opportunity to participate and compete. When a wrestler steps on the line to start a match they instantly become the quarterback, pitcher, shooting guard, and in some respects their own coach. A victory becomes theirs to cherish as they earned it, but a loss is equally theirs and the lessons they learn here are the keys to becoming a Champion in wrestling and in life.

Sometimes the bigger test will be when they fall short of reaching a goal and rather they accept that or recommit themselves to come back better and stronger in the pursuit of that goal afterwards. We feel it is the latter trait that truly makes a good wrestler and a true “Champion”. As Dan Gable has said about wrestling, “What is good about wrestling is it teaches us about life. In wrestling you have to learn to stay off of your back and in life there will continually be times when you feel you are about to be pinned.”

And for parents, particularly in competitive situations to get overly consumed by their child’s successes or failure please remember that our wrestlers…

— Come In Large Numbers
— In Many Shapes, Ages and Sizes
— Sometimes They Shoot
— Sometimes They Fall
— But More Often than Not
— They Shine
— They Are Stars…

We believe that all persons who come in contact with youth wrestling become better people for it. Wrestling is a tough sport and it challenges those who participate to believe in themselves, to become disciplined and to approach difficult situations with a “quiet confidence.” In short, it teaches kids about life.

All of our coaches wrestled as youths and have learned to love the sport, and appreciate how it has positively impacted our lives and how the sport has brought many friendships to us. In short, with us it is about how the young men learn to believe in themselves that makes us proud.

Season Fees

White Squad

Early Bird (Prior to November 4th 2019) $275; After November 4th 2019 $300

(Beginner, K-3rd Grade)

White Squad Sign Up Here

Gold Squad

Early Bird (Prior to November 4th 2019) $275; After November 4th 2019 $300

(Beginner/Intermediate, 4th-8th Grade)

Gold Squad Sign Up Here

Purple Squad

Early Bird (Prior to November 4th 2019) $325, After November 4th 2019 $350

(Advanced, 4+ Years Experience)

Purple Squad Sign Up Here

Go South Wake Hawks Youth Wrestlers!

2019-20 Season Practice Location

CrossFit South Wake, 2205 N. Grassland Drive, Fuquay Varina, NC


Please utilize Grassland Drive for parking to allow the parking spaces in front of the Salon/Spa and Sports Bar/Billards to be open for their respective businesses.


Wrestling Coaches


What is NCWAY? USAW? AAU? and what do the Rookie Events entail?

There are 6 Rookie Events throughout the season (November-February) and are for 1st & 2nd year wrestlers only. They are normally held in Raleigh, and draw from other youth wrestling clubs in central and eastern NC. Rookie events are a great way to introduce beginning wrestlers to competitive matches. NCWAY, USAW, and AAU are three separate organizations which administer and sanction competitive wrestling events. We participate in USA, NCWAY and AAU tournaments in North Carolina. Wrestlers will need a card for NCWAY, USAW and AAU events. These cards do not transfer across events (ie. an AAU card cannot be used at an NCWAY event, and vice-versa). These cards are ordered online through the respective organization (either NCWAY, USAW or AAU). NCWAY events do not need an NCWAY card, however a participant will have to pay an extra amount (generally $5) if he does not have an NCWAY card. Links to all three sanctioning organizations – NCWAY, AAU and USAW – can be found under our Helpful Links connection.

What equipment does my child need?

You will need to buy wrestling shoes and headgear for your wrestler. In addition, there are Hawks Shirts/Shorts. There are helpful tips to buy wrestling shoes and headgear. For instance, don’t oversize your wrestlers shoes thinking they will grow into them. Shoes that are too large are unsafe and give wrestlers difficulty in performing certain moves. When buying headgear, please be sure to find one with at least three points of contact on their head. Those with less tend to slip off. Also, we have children’s shoe sizing charts (PDF) on our hot links for your convenience. Please see one of the coaches if you have questions!

I am concerned about my child being hurt. Am I overly worried?

As with any sport there is always the risk of injury. However, wrestling is actually quite a safe sport for a variety of reasons – wrestlers are paired by weight and age, wrestling is done on a protective mat, the official is generally close by and can stop action quickly (unlike other sports where an official can be “half a field away”), and we do not pair wrestlers of vastly different experience abilities in a competitive situation. Further, we require our wrestlers to wear headgear when wrestling “live”.

What other fees are there besides the club fee?

All wrestlers are required to have wrestling shoes (about $40 for youth) and headgear (about $30) to participate. Additionally there are fees to enter tournaments (payable to the hosting tournament and generally about $15) as well as purchase of annual cards (ex. AAU, USAW or NUWAY – generally about $25 and good for the entire season).

I am new to wrestling, what do I need to do?

Great question – and easy answer… Ask questions! All of our coaches are passionate about wrestling and no question is “stupid.”

Are there tryouts for the team?

No. For our competitive dual teams, we have wrestleoffs – but we encourage any athletically talented, interested young athlete to try wrestling. Our wrestlers are great friends and they always enjoy meeting new ones!

I want to help support my child and the club. How can I volunteer?

Thanks for asking! There are many activities during the season where parents can help. We have a number of events where volunteers are needed including our participation in the 1st/2nd year events as well as tournaments which we may host.

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