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Evolve Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Evolve Physical Therapy is a performance-based practice that allows for high-quality individualized care to help you become the best version of yourself. We are cash-based which means we are able to treat patients without limitations set by insurance companies. Our focus is on enhancing overall performance, recovering from musculoskeletal injuries, improving mobility, and preventative care to limit future injuries. We provide hour-long one-on-one treatment sessions that are specifically designed for each patient’s unique goals and skill level. Come join the Evolve Physical Therapy family and start your journey to an active, healthy, and pain-free life!

– Muscle and Joint Mobility Assessments
– Dry Needling
– Cupping
– Injury Prevention

– Dr. Chelsea Mancuso PT, DPT, CIDN
– Dr. Amanda Brewer PT, DPT
– *We can provide a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement

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