CrossFit Football

CrossFit Football/Athlete Strength & Conditioning

For ages 14 & up

We have run countless high school and collegiate athletes through our Athlete Strength and Conditioning Program. These athletes participate at the collegiate and high school level in football, soccer, softball, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, and baseball.

Our CrossFit Football Trainers run a comprehensive program designed for athletes looking to gain a competitive advantage in speed, strength, agility, power, flexibility, and capacity in their respective sports.

Our program stems from the CrossFit Football & Power Athlete methodology incorporating linear and collegiate strength programming with a GOAL oriented approach, in conjunction with sprinting and agility technique sessions designed to maximize the athlete’s potential on the field or in the arena. This program is challenging physically AND mentally, as we believe athletes must possess the physical AND mental durability and prowess to ensure they leave it ALL on the field or in the arena!

In addition, CrossFit South Wake is one of only a few CrossFit Affiliates in North Carolina that is a registered CrossFit Football Training Facility with three CrossFit Football Trainers: Eric Szymanski, Scott Fisher & John Harper.

Our minimum age requirment for this program is 14 years old.

Contact us at if you want to gain a competitive advantage on the competition next season!!!

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